Customer Satisfaction  has always been our first priority

Spring Plastic was founded in 1978, specialized in various types of injection molded products business over 30 years. We are expert at solving plastic injection molding issues and providing suitable solutions for our customers. With the progress in skills, techniques and promotion in service quality of the whole team, our products have been recognized and accepted by customers in Japan, USA, Southeast Asia and local market.

As a manufacturer and supplier in plastic injection molding OEM industry, we dedicate ourselves to produce high-quality parts with every custom injection molding project. Our most common markets include Automotive, Appliances, Fitness equipment, Consumer and Electronic industry.

Our  Capabilities

We are a full-service plastic injection parts manufacturer, including mold development / plastic injection molding service, secondary operations, assembly and integrated packaging. By cooperating with multi-suppliers, we integrated comprehensive process for our customers. We can meet your needs in spray coating, printing, hot stamping, metallization (vacuum plating / electroplating) and metal stamping processes to produce final product.


    Mold Making

    According to 2D/3D design or sample, Spring Plastic and our toolmakers can build the most suitable molds for your products.


    Injection Molding

    Commodity or engineering plastics injection molding, overmolding/2 times injection molding, insert molding.


    Decorating Process

    Plastic decoration for your project: Spray painting, Screen printing, Pad Printing, Plating, Hot Stamping, UV printing.


    Assembly & Packaging

    Assembly of metal hardware parts, electronic accessories, etc. Offer secondary operations and customized packaging services for product delivery.


    Metal Fasteners Sourcing Services

    Sourcing of metal fasteners with quality assurance, including screws, bolts, nuts, and rivets.

Our  Mission :

Satisfy customers with superior quality and more attentive service

For us, every order means the trust of customers.

Therefore, in addition to meeting customer needs and expectations, we will continue to devote our best efforts to respond to customers’ trust with better quality and on-time delivery.